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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wean is a four letter word....

I have been having quite a bit of trouble lately with my brain. I have been depressed quite a bit, not just for the sake of being depressed, but because my ADD is in full swing and I keep forgetting important things. Samantha is going to run out of one of her medications because I have been too scatterbrained to remember to deposit the money to order it. Once I do finally get around to ordering it, the medication has to come from Great Britain and takes two weeks to arrive. That is just one of many things I have screwed up over the past couple of months. I have medication that helps me keep things straight in my head, but unfortunately it is not safe for me to take while nursing the baby.

So I found myself today standing in the grocery store staring at the rack of infant formula.

I know now why weaning is so difficult. It starts at the store.

How do you know which brand out of the million and a half available is going to be best for your baby? Should you use regular or soy? What exactly IS a 'comfort protein', and how does it differ from a regular protein? Is the one in the pretty purple can better than the one in the pretty gold can? Would I rather my baby smile like the picture on one can or sleep like the picture on another?

And once you decide on a formula to try the dilemma turns into...

How do I get the baby to stop pulling at my shirt because he wants to nurse instead of taking the cup of formula? How do I stop feeling guilty about wanting to wean him so I can take my meds and think straight again? How am I supposed to handle the funny faces he gives me when presented with a cup of this non-mom juice? If he doesn't drink the twelve dollar a can formula, can I feed it to the cat so it doesn't go to waste? I wonder how it would taste in coffee? Why does he keep looking at me like I just killed a puppy?

OK... So we have discovered that taking his boob canteen away from him may be harder than originally thought. I had hoped he would like the taste of formula, and suddenly decide that Mom juice was not such a necessity. I guess I set my hopes too high. My grandparents will just LOVE that! My Grandfather has been asking when I was going to wean the baby since before he was born.

Oh... Well... I guess I get to stay scatterbrained for awhile. I just hope I don't forget one of the kids in the car one day... They could hold that against me for a lot longer than weaning...

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