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Monday, January 23, 2006

It makes me feel pretty...

Ok... So I know this picture is over a year old, but it makes me feel pretty so I wanted to post it anyway. In case you can't tell... (duh)... Its Darrell and I on our wedding day- June 26, 2004. I love this picture for several reasons... It does make me feel pretty, but I also love the fact that you can see how happy we are in this picture. The down side to having blue eyes however, is that in almost all of my wedding pictures I had red eye, and looked like "demon bride", or like in this one, my eyes completely white out and make me look like I'm about to have a seizure. Oh, Well! At least my husband looks hot in all of them!

(P.S. All the GREAT looking flowers you see are actually silk arrangements done by none other than my wonderfully talented Mom! *QUICK PLUG* Smiling Angel Crafts - Odessa, Texas - for ALL your floral needs or wants!)

Love you Mom!!!!


The Silver Surfer said...

All the best to you and Darrel

Sol said...

hehe kewl pic!!

yer hubby is a fellow rocker, huh??

you look kinda like that Irish actress from The Boxer..

Melissa said...

Hi Sol!- Darrell can teach himself to play almost any instrument you put in his hands... including me! LOL!!! I have never seen The Boxer, but I'm going to take that as a compliment... and do a Google on it... I am a bit Irish... maybe we are related?

Silver Surfer- Thank you very much! Nice of you to stop by my blog!

Sol said...

Melissa ~ ::laugh:: i see!!

it iz, her name is Emily Watson..

Melissa said...

Sol - I found her, thank you! She is pretty, but she looks better with brown hair than blonde... Now I know to never try to go blonde. :)

Sol said...

oh, check her out with red hair in Equilibrium ;)