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Saturday, January 28, 2006

My tattoo...

This is another one of those rare photos that make me feel pretty. This one was taken by a dear friend of mine Shalina Christesson, shortly after I got my tattoo. The quality of this photo is much better on the actual print, but the scanner had problems with it. You get the basic impression of the photo however, so I'm not too disgruntled with it. One of these days I will share some of my own photography, but for now... Enjoy Shalina's work! Posted by Picasa


Sol said...

*expletive removed*

this is a great pic!!
mind if i copy it?

very artistic..contrast is near-perfect ;)

Melissa said...

Sol - LOL... So long as you credit the artist... My friend Shalina... She gets full credit for that shot. Very talented friend.

Sol said...

::laugh:: no, to keep for inspiration when crafting stories / poetry..

does this friend of yers keep a blog too?

Melissa said...

Sol- hmmmm... don't think so, but I will ask her the next time we meet for lunch. Like a Muse? Cool! :)