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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I wonder...

I want to know who the genius was that decided you could get ten tacos out of one pound of hamburger meat. This person's math skills are way worse than mine, and mine are pretty hideous. And for that matter, who decided that pounds should be made into lbs? Where do you get an "l" and a "b" out of pound? Maybe it was the same guy who put ten hot dogs in a pack, but twelve hot dog buns. And, does anyone REALLY know how many packages of each you would have to buy to make it come out even? That is one of those age old questions like:
Why do I always get behind the "slow guy" in the "fast" lane?
Why does it always rain the day after you wash your car?
Why does the baby wake up ten minutes after I doze off, no matter what time it is?
Why do we spend so much of our youth trying to grow up, and so much of the rest of it wondering where the time went?
Why can't I get the voices in my head to behave themselves so I can get some rest?
................. Hum............ Guess I'll never know.........

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