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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soap Box of the Day...

Could someone please tell me why this is OK on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, but on Facebook it is pornographic material? I think someone has their priorities a little screwed up (and it's not Mr. Rogers).

Monday, March 16, 2009

happy sniffles...

OK. So I know that when I'm all hormonal and growing another human being I can cry over toilet paper commercials, but I'm fairly sure this awesome story would have made me bawl even if I wasn't on a baby hormone high.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quick update...

saying goodbye at the end of R&R
My cousin Julie is officially a "MRS." now! Congrats to her and her Handsome new hubby Jeff! Yay for wedding bells!

My cousin Rachael, who's son Carrick I requested prayer for awhile back, has her beautiful and healthy boy home with her where he belongs now! Thanks so much for your prayers!

My husband was home for R&R in February and tomorrow marks the start of month 12 for this deployment. We are on the downhill slide now! YAY!

OH... and in November we will be adding an R&R souvenir to the family!

Yup... He is strutting around with his chest all puffed out... SO PROUD he "knocked me up" over R&R. Yay, for babies! (Last one for us though, four is a good round number.)

Feeling a little emotional tonight...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rant of the day OR Obama to remove MD's rights...

Abort73 Graphics / Abort73 Shirts

THIS is officially the first major thing to thoroughly piss me off about the current administration.

Removing the RIGHT of health care workers to refuse to participate in the murder of an unborn child for religious or ethical reasons... That would be like forcing an Orthodox Jew to eat pork or forcing a radical Muslim into a bikini (only worse because to those of us who believe a child is a child even before birth... IT WOULD FORCE SOMEONE TO MURDER ANOTHER HUMAN BEING)!

It seems to be socially unacceptable to force a person to actively participate in activities they do not believe in... unless of course, that person believes that an unborn child is an individual (different DNA than it's mother) and (worse than that) might even be a Christian!


Why should it no longer be OK to tell someone that you will not personally help them kill their baby?! There will ALWAYS be "Dr.s" who will be happy to assist in that particular procedure - let's face it:

Abortion is big business in America.