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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!! I didn't get to toast in the new year because I am still nursing the baby, but I did get a chance to go to an old friend's house to hang out. I left Darrell and Samantha home and took the baby(still nursing remember). I had a blast! Real ADULT conversation!!! (NO, NOT LIKE ADULT MOVIE) It was great! Not that Darrell and I don't have adult conversations... but most of our talking involves what the kids did or didn't do, or what bills we can and can't pay. Oh... and of course LOTS of "I love you's". We are still in that sickly sweet in love stage... I hope it never wears off. I don't think it will, because we have been through so much together already, and all the crappy stuff just seems to make us closer. I love that we can sit in the same room for hours and not have to fill up space with words. Just being together is enough for us. I just got my new years kiss from my husband, who up until he got up to give me a kiss, had been sitting quietly watching TV. Overall, I think I am feeling a bit more hopeful about the coming year than I was a few days ago. Not that things have gotten much better... NOOOOOOO SIR..... That would make life too easy. But a good night of conversation with dear friends tends to lift the spirit no matter what is going on. Maybe I am just WAY burned out. I don't know why... Its not like I do anything... (for those of you who don't know me that was a lot of sarcasm) Most of the people there tonight I have known for ten years or more... Mostly more... But we wont dwell on that. :) These people have seen all the ups and downs (and I don't just mean my weight) and still love me anyway. I have had more than my share of 'fair weather' friends, and these guys definitely do not fit that description. I know I could call these guys in a jam, and they would try their best to help out. Its nice to know they are still out there, because I was beginning to feel very lonely. Having no one but a ten month old to talk to all day will do that to a girl. OK... I have started to ramble, and I'm sleepy so I am going to bed.

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