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Saturday, February 03, 2007

People to FLOG...

Just an ever growing list I thought I would share. Some have slight explanations beside them and some of them don't require them.

1) Dr. "H"(name deleted per my Dad's request) - The guy who ignored my Dad's very obvious symptoms for eight years while the Cancer grew and hit stage three. He deserves to be publicly flogged and have all of his protruding body parts removed with a dull plastic spoon.

2) "Fair-weather" friends - You all know the type. They call you every time they have some minor crisis and expect you to be there for them, but the second you need the slightest hint of emotional support for a MAJOR crisis in your own life, they fall off the face of the planet.

3) The "Mutha-in-law" (and her live in whatever he is) - For being emotionally and verbally abusive to my nephews and lying to them to make them believe no one cares about them. They refuse to let us have contact with our nephews and do not care how much they psychologically screw the boys up! They basically do not give a crap about anyone or anything that will not directly benefit them.

4) People who have too many items in the grocery store express lane - and anyone else who thinks that the rules of the "common" people do not apply to them.

5) "Fair-weather" relatives - see the explanation for #2, only worse because they are related and SHOULD be there when your world falls apart brick by brick!

6) Ex-husband - no real explanation needed here... I mean... he IS an EX for a reason. :)

7) People who drive too slow in the fast lane - move over or get off the road already!!!

8) Those who complain about how BAD their day has been because they broke a nail or for some other STUPID and frivolous reason. (I WISH I had your problems you stupid shallow twit!)

9) This list grows and changes daily, so who knows who might be added next?!

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guttergirl said...

I bet you feel a little better after getting some of that out. I had a post I did once maybe you could try. It was 10 (or 20) things you would like to say to someone but never will. It is harder than it sounds but you do feel better after. Best of luck.

Melissa said...

guttergirl - I do feel a "little" better. I don't think I could do the post you did... everyone I have things I would never really say to them reads my blog from time to time. I avoid conflict almost to a fault and boy would that post start some! :) Oh well! Thanks for stopping by again!