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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


OK... I don't really have the energy for a real post today, so you guys get another cute video of my son! This was taken on New Years Day when he had just figured out how to make himself dizzy. I promise to update you all soon... life is just a bit too much right now to go into detail. Enjoy!

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michaelm said...

Good God, he looks like me in my PJ's after drinking 3-4 fingers of Maker's Mark.
Very funny.
Actually, your laughing makes it even funnier...
btw- the overall feeling in the blogosphere is that everyone is out of creative steam. Don't feel bad.

later gator,

CVTWayne said...

Very cute...sounds like your mom in the background...glad your dad did well with his surgery...we'll just keep praying from here...if there's anything I can do just let me know.


Black Bran said...


that, is funny :)

does ALL babies wear one-pieces??
looks a tad bit unstable..

Melissa said...

michaelm - he does look a bit tipsy! :) I have lots of ideas to post about... I just lack the time and energy to post them. Thanks for stopping by!

cvtwayne - Nope... that is me in the background. :) I'm just a younger version of my Mom in a lot of ways... I had to stop answering her phone when I'm at her house because we sound too much alike. Thanks for the prayers! Thats what we need most right now.

black bran - He only wears them for bed time... most babies do. My kiddo is too cute. :)

La Pura Vida said...

That is hilarious!!!!! I watched it at work and laughed out loud!!! By the way, this is your cousin from Illinois, Rachael. I created an account after reading your father's page. I have always been skeptical of blogs, but now I understand the impact they can have. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

Melissa said...

la pura vida - glad you liked it! I have found my blog to be very theraputic... maybe not for others.. but very much for me. How did you find Dad's page? Hope things are going well for you guys! ::big hug::