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Monday, February 26, 2007

What is this blog for?

(as defined in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary)
to expose to the air; to serve as a vent for; to give often vigorous or emotional expression to; to relieve by means of a vent; an opening for the escape of or for the release of pressure
(see also: discharge, expell, express, outlet)


guttergirl said...

Vent away my friend. That is what we are here for. I know you are going through a rough time right now. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it all better. Since that won't work, the next best thing I can offer is my thoughts, prayers, and a shoulder to cry on. Stay strong.

guttergirl said...
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guttergirl said...
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GodsOwn said...

I am so sorry to hear about the news of your Daddy's illness. I know the pain of walking through an illness such as this with a loved one and feeling so damn helpless and not being able to change the circumstance no matter how hard you try. It is a very hard time and I know that the last thing you need is people (well meaning or otherwise) offering encouragement with a backhanded gab that is not so cleverly hidden in the midst of it.

I have a best friend of 21 years who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. It is hard to cope on the good days let alone on the bad ones. We have had many well meaning people say all sorts of dumb and idiotic things under the guise of kindness. To stay sane I find myself choosing to believe that they just don’t know how cruel they sound when they say, “what you really need is…” or, “ if you would only…”. They don’t even realize that what they are saying comes out as: “it is all your fault, after all you get what you say.”

When I read your blogs about your Dad, I do not see you “complaining” but more as crying out in pain and anger and sorrow, and if anyone believes this is a sign of weakness and that it is ungodly then they are sadly misinformed. We all hurt, we all fall and we all will have to face our world falling down around us at some point in time or another. You, sweetheart, have had way more of your share of that then most.

A true test of faith is not how well you cope when everything is going good and your prayers get answered after just a weeks wait, but it comes when all you have known and trusted in, falls away and “Job’s friends” are all that you seem to have left. It is in these times that true faith emerges. To trust in God when your world collapses is far harder than to trust in Him when all seems right in the world.

Everyone feels betrayed at times and when that happens the best thing we can do is cry out for help, comfort and understanding from God, our family and friends and there is nothing in the world wrong with that. However there are times that the only response worth listening to will be Gods. Which is more often than not.

I will be praying for you and your family. Also I want you to know that the few times I have had the pleasure of coming face to face with you, I always feel God there in every smile that shines brightly from your face. You have always exuded joy even in the midst of chaos and that is a true gift from God. It is sad not everyone else sees that. We all get sad and we all have bad days but that only means we are human and still in need of a loving and compassionate God.

Something God shared with me years ago that has kept me from going completely bonkers when attacks come my way is this…(Trust me I get a lot of people mad at me over this one, but we are all allowed to believe what we are going to believe and this is one of my favorites)... No one else’s opinion really matters!!! When it is all over and done with and we stand before God in Heaven, Christ’s AND HIS OPINION ALONE will decided where we will spend eternity. The only One you really have to be concerned about pleasing is Jesus Christ Himself. He has big shoulders and doesn’t get His feelings hurt or misconstrues your meanings and feel personally attacked if you ask (or scream for that matter at the top of your lungs) WHY? If you are pleasing to Him you don't need to be concerned about what others around you think. He also doesn’t throw us away because we might have an occasional hissy fit =) trust me on that one!! If anyone knows this to be true it is me!!!

As for anyone else who may not like what you have posted on your own blog all I can say to that is this…

The answer is simple, stop reading Melissa’s blog page. It’s hers and she has the right to post and VENT if she needs to. That is why she created the blog to begin with. If you want to keep coming back then stop making it all about you instead of Melissa. It is about what she is going through and she has every right to express herself in this manner own her OWN blog page.

Hang in there Melissa Girl!!! God loves you and so do I!

GodsOwn said...
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GodsOwn said...
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Melissa said...

guttergirl - Thank you! :)

godsown - It is always so easy to tell when someone has been in your shoes... they are always so much more kind than those who have no real grasp of the situation. Your words and the thought you put into them have touched my heart deeply. Thank you.