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Saturday, February 24, 2007

To My Daddy...

You are not allowed to leave us.
You are supposed to teach Auron how to scratch himself and spit without drooling down his chin.
You said you would.
You are the only one who can teach him to take stuff apart and put it back together with duct tape
and that you should always have leftover parts when you are done.
You are supposed to be here to teach him how to play softball
and how to swing without pulling a groin muscle in the process.
You are supposed to be here to see Auron graduate
and see all the things that he and your unborn grandchild are going to do to make you proud.
All of the things that they will accomplish that I never did.
It is your job to wipe their noses with your shirttail when they fall and scrape their knees.
You are supposed to be there.
Who is going to cut up their eggs the "right" way?
You are not allowed to leave us.


KATESGPA said...

Regardless of how this comes out, I will always be there,watching and being a very proud father and grandfather. I have done what I have been telling you to do for years and put this in GOD's hands.

No I'm not ready to leave and miss all those silly things my grandchildren will get in to and help them get out of trouble when I can,so always remember how much i love you.

I'm not done causing trouble myself


Melissa said...

Daddy - This whole thing has been in GOD's hands from the start and I know that. (doesn't change that it reallllllyyyyyyy sucks!) And you had better cause some more trouble... I would expect nothing less from you. I love you with all of my heart (even the broken pieces.)

Douglas Cootey said...

Melissa, I don't know how things have turned out for you and your family but I have prayed for you. God Bless.

Melissa said...

douglas cootey - thank you so much for your prayers... that is what we need the most right now.