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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Westboro VS. Fort Bragg...


I went to this rally expecting a negative experience. What I got instead, was a wonderful feeling that I am not here alone. I am surrounded by tons of people in this extended family that is the Army, and people who genuinely appreciate the sacrifices our families make.
To see the love poured out for our troops in such a visual and very vocal way was nothing short of awe inspiring! Traffic was backing up like crazy because of all the people slowing down (and outright stopping) to honk and show their support.
I have been in a GREAT mood since I left the rally this morning. Who would have thought that a day that started by me gearing up to face off with some of the most hate filled people on the planet, would turn out to be one of the best days I have had in awhile?!
While there were a few in our crowd who went to low (and amusing) blows, most of it was just very positive and supportive of our troops and their families. Although I have to admit i enjoyed the sign pointed towards Westboro that read: "Oh, just drink the Kool-aid already!"


James said...

It was me and my wife with the Kool-Aid sign! We were really inspired by the turn-out ourselves. It made me proud of our Army family. Oh, and if I was one of the folks with the low-blows, this is my 3rd encounter with them and it really wears on me. But I'm glad it was amusing, that was my goal as well. USA!!!

Melissa said...

james - I enjoyed your company (and thank you and you wife for keeping an eye on my boys while I moved my car) And I can SO understand how that particular group of idiots could wear on anyone! :) I'm just pleased I was able to resist the urge to use them as speed bumps as I left! Thanks for stopping by!

ArmyWifeADA said...

Melissa, great photos! I am so glad you went and had such a positive experience! If I didn't have to work, I would have been right there with you!

Melissa said...

armywifeada - You would have had a blast I'm sure! Too bad it was not on a Friday, huh?