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Friday, July 04, 2008

News... and stuff...

I am attempting to do my first blog entry via the new palm centro I got a beyond rediculous deal on at radio shack. So if this looks odd, it is because I am very new to the whole palm thing. So far, I love it! Sam has to have surgery again soon and the idea of having limmited access to email while Darrell is deployed and worried about us,was a large enough concern that I took my recently upgraded phone back to the store and went with the palm instead. Please pray that I can get a loan to make it home for Sam's operation. Four days before we found out her VNS was dying I had to drain our savings (plus some) to fix the minivan. I'm waiting for bad thing number three now. Bad things always seem to hit our family three in a row. So just pray for us. Thanks.

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