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Monday, October 02, 2006

WARNING: Content from a LIVID Aunt...

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Things that piss me off...

People who lie. People who lie to children. People who lie to children I love. People who lie to children I love ABOUT how I feel about them. People who read mail or keep mail from those it was intended for. People who by all things right and good should drop off the face of the planet. People who threaten my family for standing up for what they believe is right. People who need to be repeatedly kicked in the face by someone wearing steel toed army boots!!! People like my mother in law's live in JACKASS of a control freak boyfriend!!!!!

Why is it that people in this world who are selfish and undeserving of the air they breathe tend to have the most? The most money. The biggest houses. The most control. All of the good "things" in life with out any of the heart it takes to value the things that really matter: Like the emotional stability and and love and understanding that two young boys need while they are growing up so that they do not end up too screwed up to function in society!!!!

I am not normally a violent person. I am not normally someone who wishes harm on other people. In this case I make an exception. For someone to take two children and use them as some sort of sick twisted bargaining tool (regardless of the effect it might have on those two children) and manipulate everyone and everything around you just because you enjoy the power trip it gives you... Makes you a sub-human piece of crap that needs to be tossed out with the cat litter!

(To my nephews: I know you will never read this but since I know your mail is being kept from you and we can not talk to you on the phone... We love you both more than words can say... Please be strong and remember that you ARE loved and you ARE both wanted... No matter what anyone tells you... My heart breaks that we have no way to rescue you from those who keep you from us. We love you and miss you so much. I pray that angels watch over you and keep you safe from the turmoil around you.)

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