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Thursday, September 21, 2006


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Ladies and Gentlemen of blogland: I now have
The kids are in bed.
The husband is passed out in our room.
I am sitting here at my keyboard in the living room with a sweet tea in one hand and a pint of Ben and Jerry's in the other!
(No, you DON'T want to know how I'm typing.)
Oh, come on you pervs! I was kidding!!!!!
(Or was I.....?)
So, I am hopeful that my posts will once again become frequent. I no longer have to log in and sit waiting for twenty minutes while my modem struggles in vain dialing phone number after phone number and begging the internet:
In the past twenty four hours I have watched more YouTube "banned" commercials than anyone should probably see in a lifetime!
I click once.
I am at a new web page... And it is completely loaded!!!!!
I click again.
I hit a web site that I didn't mean too... And...
"Is she really doing that?"
Ahhhhh... Cheesecake... Online!
Life is good!
(or maybe that's just the caffeine and Ben and Jerry's talking)

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Lillian Vernon Online


Sol said...


yep, looks liek ur finally "getting out more often"
*look whos talkin', huh*

those banned commercials r funny :)

Sol said...

btw, do check out Aajonus Vonderplanitz @ me blog..sum interesting reading forya *jast click da pic*

Melissa said...

sol - Youtube... its like CRACK for people who don't do drugs...

Sol said...

i know EXACTLY what u mean [[winke]]