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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Picture worth a thousand words...

This is one of my photos. People kept asking me what I meant when I said I had a severely disabled child. It is hard to put into words, so I gathered all her daily medical supplies and took a photo to share with them. If you look close you can see two suction machines... One for home, and one that plugs into the car to take with us. We use them both... I promised I would share some of my photography one day... (other than snap shots of the kids) So here you are... Posted by Picasa


Ranea said...

I can relate, my son has autism and asthma. But no matter what he still the joy of my life. thanx for stopping by my site. It nice to hear from some real close to home. I grew up in Midland myself. So now your my homey!!

Melissa said...

ranea - thanks for stopping by! I can use all the homeys I can get! ::grin:: It's amazing the things you do every day that you never knew you could... Do you ever feel like standing in a public place and yelling "SUPER MOM!!!" at the top of your lungs?