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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My favorite place...

My favorite place to be is wrapped in my husband's arms. I love to put my head on his chest after we have put the kids to bed for the night and just listen to his heart beat. As long as I feel his skin against mine, and his breath moving his chest beneath my cheek, I feel so safe and protected from the world. I feel so lucky that this wonderful man loves me, and wants me, and knows me so well. I am so blessed. I'm not sure why I wanted to share this with you guys, I just did. I am more and more head over heels in love with my husband every day, and I know how lucky that makes me... ::smirk:: Who needs the lotto?! I have LOVE!!!!!


starbender said...


Melissa said...

starbender - You can say that again! ::smile::

Sol said...

::smiles softly::

then u have found what most others have spent lifetimes searching for..sanctuary from the troubles of the universe, from yer own mind, even!

i envy you, beautiful. in a good way.

Melissa said...

sol- thank you!