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Friday, December 02, 2005

"Lucy, I'm home..."

Well, we made it to Fort Worth and back without any major incident. I am happy to see that my post to the listserv before I left town has resulted in extreme hardship for the immature and inconsiderate author of that most unfortunate blog. I hope it is a learning experience for her, as she OBVIOUSLY has quite a bit of growing up to do. Part of growing up involves taking responsibility for your actions and dealing with the consequences when you cross the line. While I doubt very seriously that the actions of the listserv will somehow make her grow some form of heart or compassion, I do hope she learns her lesson about picking on those she THINKS are less important to society than "Her All Knowing Highness". She really had NO IDEA what she was getting herself into picking on children with Angelman Syndrome, and now she wants to pout about having to deal with her actions. Grow up already! OK.... Now that that is off my chest... The trip went well. We got to meet with three fourths of another wonderful Angelman family who lives in the Fort Worth area, and had a nice visit over lunch. We even got a picture Christmas card from them with a photo of their BEAUTIFUL daughter, and her sweet handsome little brother. (Who by the way kept flashing me that wonderful Angel smile we are all so fond of!) Samantha's appointment had me a bit rattled, and I'm not quite sure I am comfortable with this doctor anymore. I am going to call after the holidays to see if we can get back in with her old doctor. He listened much better, and never treated me like I was an idiot. We had a nice visit with my mother in law and her, ummmm I guess I should call him her long term on and off boyfriend. It sounds so strange to say it like that, but I honestly don't have any idea what to call him. Anyway, we spent the night there and had a great visit. We got to see my brother in law while we were in town too. He seems to be doing better, but I'm not going to go into detail about his situation. We didn't get back home until one this morning and we are all still wiped out. Sam got to skip school today because I was afraid to send her sleep deprived. She has so many more seizures when she hasn't gotten enough sleep. All in all, things are good. Catch you guys next time!

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