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Monday, December 12, 2005

And the barf rolls on.....

I have had a head cold that I can not seem to kick for about two weeks now. We spent Friday in the ER, because our doctor fell off the face of the planet and was not to be found. Auron has a head cold too, nothing major. Samantha on the other hand ran a one hundred plus degree fever all weekend, and that was ON Motrin and Tyenol. I take her to the ER with her ear seeping yellow puss, and tell them it is her ear causing the problem... So what do they do?... They check everything except her ear, tell us they can find nothing wrong, and send us home. I hate Odessa. Medical care here sucks so bad. Samantha turns six years old tomorrow, and had I left it up to the doctors in this area she would have been dead three years ago. My mom came down with a really nasty virus and barfed almost non stop for twenty four hours, and now that she is almost over it my grandparents have come down with it. So Samantha may not even have healthy family at her little birthday party on Wednesday. We got her a fish tank and plan to let her pick out her own fish to go in it. Do you ever have one of those days where everything just jumps up and bites you in the butt at the same time? I have had one of those weeks. So I am sitting here trying to be in the Christmas spirit, and feeling lousy about having no options. We live next door to a bunch of drug addicts, and can not afford to move away from them. The weather keeps changing so much that it is anyone's guess as to when my body will function and when it wont. I want a new body for Christmas... One without Fibromyalgia, and one with smaller boobs. You may think its funny... But trust me on this.... big boobs suck. The kids are always kicking me in them, I nearly shut one in Sam's bedroom door the other day, I constantly bump them on things.... they just get in the way! Not to mention the back cramps from Hades! You people with itty bitty titties have no idea just how good you have things! OK... I think I may be done ranting for now... See you guys next time!


Adrienne said...

Melissa, I know my mom would agree with you on the BB issue. I tell you though, with all of those body part words in your posting you may get some yucky kinds of people surfing and leaving comments on your blog. I hope not, but I know I have learned to be very careful on mine.

Sorry everyone is so sick! Tell Samantha that we say Happy Birthday!!!!


Brenda said...

hang in there, kiddo....it WILL get better.....SOMEDAY....and not everything about Odessa sucks...you are just focused so much on the bad that you refuse to see the good...it's out there, you just gotta keep looking for it...or quit looking for it and let it fall in your lap....SOMEDAY...lol
Love, your mom