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Monday, November 28, 2005

Still Kicking...

Well... two nights down... The baby has slept in his own room for two nights now, and we are about to attempt a third. We leave for Fort Worth tomorrow morning. No big deal, just another neurology check up for Sam. I was browsing other people's blogs last night and ran across one that really upset me. Some MORON posing as a human being has a blog making fun of people with Angelman Syndrome! I say posing as a human because you have to have a beating heart and a brain to be classified as human, and this person obviously has neither. He even went so far as to make fun of the DEATH of a boy who had Angelman Syndrome. He described the child's death as "cartoonish". People like that piss me off SO BAD!!! I don't understand how someone can be so heartless to another family's pain and loss. Some people just shouldn't open their mouths about things they know nothing about! GGRRRRRR! Now I'm all wound up about it again!Oh well... I need to pack for our trip, and put the kids to bed now, so I will sign off and post again when we get back in town. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa!

Hang in there! And don't forget that the meds that help angels sleep might help their siblings too...=>

That blog you found was so awful. All I can say is that none of our kids would ever think such terrible things about another person. Our angels find the humor in life through love and chaos, not in mocking those who are different from them. (Or maybe, Maggie is just laughing at us all the time???)

I hope you gets some sleep soon and a vacation!

Erin, mom to Maggie

Bear Nurse said...


Unfortunately people tend to pick on those less fortunate them themselves as a way to build up their self esteem and feel good about themselves.
Anyone who would need to do that with an Angel has no sense of decency and probably is unloved by his parents and if he was ever married is now divorced.
The world unfortunately is full of people like that. Ideally, we could sent them all to a remote island and let them live their lives without interfering with our - alas life is not fair and we have to cope with them too.

BEAR - Husband on Sammy's exnurse