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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Its 3AM.... AGAIN...

So here I sit at three in the morning again, baby asleep in my arms... at least until I attempt to doze off sitting straight up in the chair... and then it starts... the crying and the squirming and the hitting and the cussing... OK... so the last one is me, not him. And God forbid I try to go lay down in my bed with the baby in tow, or worse, try to put him in his own bed! You would think I was killing the kid! I do not remember the last time I had more than thirty minutes of uninterrupted sleep. Highschool maybe? But no... I didn't really sleep then either. The major difference is that back then I got to choose when I stayed awake and when I went to sleep. NO LONGER. My life has been invaded by two tiny terrorists. They take shifts trying to drive me over the edge. Sometimes they gang up on me. I have informed my husband that I either need a vacation away from the kids for AT LEAST two full days, or he needs to build me my own little rubber room someplace in the house. I remember once upon a time... when I still had a life that was mine... and money... and friends... and some semblance of sanity... and a waistline... but I try not to dwell. Mr. Sandman, knock my butt out!!! And please get both kids while your at it!!! I should only need like two weeks solid of sleep to catch up... That's not too much to ask is it? Hello?...... OH WELL... you can't blame a girl for trying.

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Anonymous said...

Babe you have friends we all love you.its just now we relize the stuff our perents had to go through.Look just a few more years both kids will be in school and you can take naps.