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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Proposal...

My husband proposed to me.

That sounds redundant I know, but there is a story here I promise. Three years ago in December my husband gave me a ring. I put it on my finger and we started making wedding plans. He never officially ASKED me to marry him. The conversation went something like this:

He gives me the ring (we were broke so it was tiny and well… budget appropriate) tied to a purple feather rose.

Me: “what is this?”
Him: “what do you THINK it is?”
Me: (tears) “NO… What IS this?”
Him: “what does it look like it is?”
Me: (more tears) “Are you SURE?”
Him: (goofy grin) “Of course I’m sure… I love you.”
Me: “I love you too, but are you sure your sure?”
Him: “yes.”
Me: (crying and holding out my hand for him to put the ring on me)
Him: “So… is that a yes?”

I admit that I was disappointed that it was not more romantic than that, but at that point I had waited three years for him to decide he wanted to marry me and was just thrilled he had finally decided that I was a keeper. I spent the better part of two years picking on him over the fact that he never ASKED me to marry him. He promised to upgrade my ring to something prettier as soon as we could afford it. I told him that when we could get the ring I wanted that he was GOING TO give me a “real” proposal to one day tell my children about. I picked on him and told him it had to be WAY romantic and sappy.

We really couldn’t afford the ring I wanted, but my husband (being the great guy he is) insisted we get it with our tax return this year anyway. I told him no… we had a new baby coming and couldn’t spend money on something that frivolous. He told me to order it anyway because “you deserve it honey.” I compromised and agreed to get the ring but NOT the diamond for the center. I told him I was perfectly content wearing a CZ for the next forty years or so. By the time the ring was delivered I was just so thrilled to have one that was beautiful and unique enough to symbolize those same things in our marriage that I told him the ring was enough by itself… he didn’t have to propose to me. I have been quite happily wearing my new ring since mid March.

Darrell left for boot camp at 4:30PM last Tuesday. We spent the majority of Monday and Tuesday before he left holding each other and the kids and crying. We HATE being apart. At about 2PM I was laying beside my husband on our living room floor while the kids played around us. I had my head on his shoulder and my left hand on his chest and we were both in tears. Suddenly he reached for my hand and pulled my ring off. He looked at it for a moment and then touched the bottom of my chin to make me look him in the eye.

“Melissa, will you marry me?”

I couldn’t do anything except bury my head in his shoulder and sob as he slipped my ring back onto my finger.

Just when I think it is impossible to love him anymore than I already do… he proves me wrong again. I love him more every day and could never ask for a better husband. He is so much more than I deserve and my heart aches for when we can be together again. I am not whole without him.

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guttergirl said...

That brought tears to my eyes. You have such a beautiful family.
I am hoping with all my heart that he will be home soon. Safe and sound and in the arms of his family where he belongs.

Oh yes, and Congratulations on your proposal.

La Pura Vida said...

It's so wonderful to hear about true, unconditional love. I cry when I read or hear about people actually caring about eachother, respecting eachother, committing to eachother. Too often couples, especially with the added stress of children, all too often fall into the trap of bickering. They argue, fight and squabble over stupid things, all the time, everyday. They get married becuase that's the thing to do, but then they don't treasure eachother. They take eachother for granted and tear eachother down.

I know that you and your husband are a good match. You are doing what you have to do to support yourselves and your children. You are making sacrifices and sticking it out together, loving eachother through the difficulties of life.

Congradulations on your proposal, and on your upgrade. You ARE worth it!

CVTWayne said...

Still praying for you and your family.

"Friends are Friends Forever" ;)

Melissa said...

guttergirl - Thank you!

la pura vida - We are more than a "good match" we are a "God match". You are right about most couples now days... Thank you!

cvtwayne - Thank you! We need all the prayer we can get. Miss you my forever friend!