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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Praises to Sing!

In February my Dad got the results of his first MRI. It showed a dozen or more large cancerous spots throughout his liver. The doctor told him that he had 4 to 18 months to live... tops. They told us that he would not get better with chemo. The goal of chemo was simply to keep him alive as long as we could.

He had another MRI done this month to see how fast the cancer was progressing and spreading.

The doctor is still scratching his head.


My Dad's most recent MRI shows only three or four spots on his liver... and those are SHRINKING.

The battle is far from over. My Dad still has quite a fight ahead of him. But, as of Monday, he is WINNING!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

God Bless You All!!!

Bits and Pieces, Inc.


Black Bran said...

whats his first/middle name?

need ta address him by somethin' 2 pray 4 him..

guttergirl said...

That is wonderful news!

I am so happy to hear it is going his way. May you all enjoy the sunshine that entered your life.

Keep up the fight!

La Pura Vida said...

That is truly amazing. All the positive energy and prayer seems to be doing him good. I am so happy to hear that your father is another head-scratching case for the medical community.

Also, Auron is cute as ever. Am I mistaken, or is he a lefty?

Prayers and Peace,
Your Cousin

Melissa said...

black bran - Dad is Tony. Prayers are very appreciated! Thanks!

guttergirl - sunshine is GREAT when you have been in the dark for so long! The fight continues!

la pura vida - The prayers are working! As for Auron... he is a switch hitter. He uses both hands. :) Who knows if he will choose one or just use both?