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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Back on the Soapbox...

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I have to take a moment to talk about something very near and dear to my heart. I want to talk about something that the doctors who practice it call

"intact dilation and evacuation".

I want to applaud the following people:

Justice Anthony Kennedy:

For having the balls to stand up for what he believes and calling it like he sees it.

and to:

Chief Justice John Roberts

Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Clarence Thomas

and Justice Samuel Alito

for backing him up and voting for the only morally correct choice.

For those of you who are confused, let me explain in plain pull no punches words what the above mentioned procedure really is.

By the second trimester of pregnancy a baby's nervous system is already intact and working. That means they can feel pain. If a woman decides she doesn't want to have the baby once she is in her second or third trimester (and in some states it is legal right up to your due date) she could (until recently) go to a doctor who would deliver the baby feet first. Every part of this innocent little infant is delivered except for the baby's head.

Take a moment to feel the back of your neck where it hits your skull. You feel the soft spot there? That is the spot that a doctor stabs a suction device into to rip the baby's brain to shreds before he crushes the child's head. Yes, that is graphic. The truth generally is. Those of us who believe in the sanctity of an innocent unborn child's life call the above procedure like we see it.


It is not some clean sterile medical procedure. It is, plain and simple, someone stabbing a baby in the back of the head until that baby is dead. We have very specific laws about how to gently put criminals and rabid animals to death, but no protection or humanity is given to unborn children... even when they feel the pain as intensely as a newborn. How screwed up is that?


There are much more sensible solutions for women of all ages. Killing a baby is never the right answer. I know I will probably get flames for this post. I don't care. I may start a regular thing of giving details of how people choose to torture and murder their unborn. It outrages me. It should you too.



La Pura Vida said...

RIGHT ON, SISTER!!!!!!! I jumped for joy when I heard about this descision. I am glad to know that in this time of war, murder, and predjudice, there is some modicum of conscience in the American Governmental system.


guttergirl said...

I just read a story about a woman who survived an abortion. She grew up to be a productive member of society.
Things to think about.

Melissa said...

la pura vida - I knew you would feel the same way on this one! :)

guttergirl - There is a woman who survived one and is now a motivational speaker. If I remember correctly she had one leg and both arms ripped off and lost one eye when her mother tried to abort her. Now she spends her life telling people why she thinks God kept her alive. wild huh?!