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Monday, December 04, 2006

America: One pissed off Pup...

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Ok, so I have been out for awhile because of some new developments with my daughter's health. I don't really want to go in to it for now because, quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of all the depressing crap that comes with it!
When I got around to checking things out here on Blogger, imagine my surprise to see that my Robin Williams post had received so much attention!
I guess anything even vaguely political is bound to cause a stir now days. After all, the way the rest of the world seems to see it, it is perfectly fine to be proud of your nationality as long as you hail from anywhere EXCEPT America.
Well, because I'm feeling a bit ornery tonight...
Lets stir the pot a bit more shall we?

I am very PROUD to be a citizen of The United States of America!

We are the melting pot of the world! That means we have a bit of every country here. That means you can not hate America without hating a little bit of yourself. My husband is living proof of the extent of our melting pot. He is half Filipino and the other half is an eccentric mix of First Nation (or American Indian), German, Irish, Scottish, Israeli, and God only knows what else!

I voted for Bush... TWICE!

I obviously did not vote for him because he is a great speaker (he is SO not). I did not vote for him because he is perfect (again...not). I did not vote for him because I agree with every single decision or belief he holds dear (I don't).
I voted for him because he is a good man who follows his heart.
See, that is one of the greatest things about being an AMERICAN. It doesn't matter what my reasons are for voting the way I want. It is my FREEDOM to do so.
I support all of the AMERICAN troops that have stepped in to police places and people they shouldn't have to because the people or corrupt governments in those places refuse to deal with their own crap!
I do not believe Muslims are all bad people. In fact, I believe that the good ones far out number the bad ones. (The bad ones get the most attention because *well, DUH!* they have bombs and hijack planes to kill mass numbers of MY fellow AMERICANS!)
And for those of you who don't like the fact that America IS a superpower, think of it like this: If you saw the biggest meanest dog on Earth chained in a yard would you go slap the thing around and NOT expect to at least get bitten for it?
Pear Harbor.
Yes, we are still looking for that cowardly piece of crap Osama Bin Laden, but while we are looking for him we are going to take down any other power hungry, oppressive, mass-murdering, hole hiding jack-asses we run across!
Oh... by the way, for any of those who do not live here I should note that
Robin Williams is a COMEDIAN!

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guttergirl said...

America always gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop. People don't understand that when you are the only superpower in the world, there is alot of responsibility. In my humble opinion, America is doing a great job of policing the world. I shudder to think what would happen to us if America didn't defend us all. Thank you. That is just my opinion from one proud Canadian to a proud American.

I hope things are better with your daughter.

Thanks for your kind words.

Melissa said...

guttergirl - I LOVE Canadians! You guys are like Americans with better health care and legal pot! OK... maybe I'm wrong about the pot part... too many Simpson's cartoons! :) Then again, most of the Canadians I know ARE pretty mellow... Hhhmmmmmm? ::giggle:: And I love the fuzzy end of the lollipop bit! What a great way to describe it! :) Thank you for your kind thoughts towards my kiddo... I appreciate them.

honkeie2 said...

I didnt vote for Bush but that is another thing that makes us a great place. Freedom of choice. I dont support him so to speak but I back everything our country does and stands for. I support our troops and I support everything that makes USA the superpower it is. After all we are The Gods of War, speak softly and carry a big stick ;-)

Melissa said...

honkeie2 - America is GREAT that way! We have more freedoms than any other country on the planet. And you can openly criticize the leader of our country with no fear of being shot for it! Thanks for stopping by! You are welcome anytime!