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Friday, December 15, 2006

Cool Stuff I Want #1...

Combining unsurpassed luxury with the technologically advanced materials that made Tempur-Pedic® world famous, “The GrandBed by Tempur-Pedic™” is designed to bring you a truly incomparable sleep experience. Quilted into the blended silk cover is a 1.2” layer of temperature and pressure sensitive Tempur-HD™, a reformulated, higher density version of the classic TEMPUR® material. Beneath this quilted layer and its beautiful satin siding is yet another 1.2” comfort layer of Tempur-HD™, followed by a 4” support layer of TEMPUR® material, and an 8” double base layer that includes the AirFlow System™ to dissipate body heat and circulate air. All together, this means 14” of a body-pampering sleep surface that eliminates physical stresses, absorbs motion, and never needs to be turned or rotated. To complete your set, the matching platform foundation is available in both low and high profiles.

The cost for a king size? $ 6,199.00 US Dollars

Where can you get one? (click on the link below)

Relax The Back

OK... So I would be happy with the much less deluxe version of this bed, but while I'm listing things I would love to have if money grew on trees... why should I skimp? :)


guttergirl said...

I love this idea. List whatever you want in the world. It never hurts to dream.

However, that bed makes me want a nap. It looks so comfy.

Melissa said...

guttergirl - hehehehehe... forget a nap! I would sleep for weeks at a time... just get up to pee and get a glass of sweet tea every few hours... :)

honkeie2 said...

I am all for comfort but when a bed is tooo comfy u will never get me out of it!

Melissa said...

honkeie2 - hhhmmmm.... and that would be a problem why? :) That it one of the things I would LOVE about this bed! You could LIVE there forever!!!!!