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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just when things couldn't get worse...

OK... Lets recap the last month shall we?

Our minivan broke down.
We got the minivan working.

Someone called CPS and lied about us, causing Samantha to have her rights to dignity and privacy horribly violated.

The minivan broke down... Again.
We got the minivan working... Again.

Samantha's eczema is acting up so bad it almost looks bloody.

We had a meth lab busted right next door to us. They had a full lab and finished product. They only spent one night in jail for it. They are back to their old routine already.

We drove six hours to see Samantha's seizure specialist, who I am still not very pleased with, because he treats me like I have no idea what I'm talking about.
We drove six hours home.

The minivan broke down... Yet again.
We think this might be a sign...

Darrell broke his hand at work. It is a bad break that the doctor does not want to cast, so he will be out of work AND unable to lift either of the kids for AT LEAST a month. The place he works is trying to make him come back to work even though the doctor said not too.

My fibromyalgia is acting up again which means I hurt in places I normally don't even feel. That makes it extremely hard for me to lift and take care of the kids.

To top off everything else, tomorrow is Auron's first birthday, and while I was in Wal-mart this morning getting supplies for his cake, he threw up on me. Shortly after that he started running a hundred degree fever.



siren said...

Sorry :( I'm sending you a virtual hug.

Melissa said...

siren - ::sniff:: thanks I needed that! I think I'm almost to the point of calling the guys with the white coats... a padded room sounds great about now.

starbender said...

Geeze~when it rains, it pours!
Sounds like U need 2 live by my law~That which does not kill me - will only make me stronger!
U just keep putting one foot in front of the other-Don't give up!

Melissa said...

starbender - Thanks! I wish giving up was an option, but it never is. As for putting one foot in front of the other... that is what has gotten me to this point. And that list pretty much sums up every other month around our house.

Sol said...

Melissa ~ first, are you into astrology and stuff like that? karma seems to have it out for ya @ present.

second, do email me sometime..if i have any tricks up my sleeve for seizures or fibromyalgia, they're yours.

Melissa said...

sol - ::smile:: no not really my cup of tea... but if I was into that type of thing I would have to agree with you about karma... only I don't think I have put one third that much bad into the world. I hope not at least. ::worried frown:: My email will come... one day when I have time and I am thinking straight enough to remember to write it!