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Friday, February 24, 2006

An update of sorts...

I think I am starting to recover from the CPS attack. I am sure the investigation is not over yet, and they will be back to terrorize my family more before they decide to go away and leave us be. Child protective services seems to be the only group of people in America who believe you are guilty until proven innocent.
It kills me that someone would ever think we might hurt Samantha, and it is even worse that their false accusation forced a medical exam on her that in my opinion was tantamount to assault in itself. We have spent the last year or more teaching her to fight anyone that tries to touch her inappropriately, and then CPS forces it on her. They have no idea how bad they have derailed what we are trying to teach her about her right to privacy and her right to protect herself. She kept trying to kick the doctor who was doing the exam away and cross her legs. (good for her!)
I feel like I can no longer trust ANYONE outside of our immediate family to care about what is best for Samantha. I know they "THOUGHT" they were protecting her, but there should be a MUCH less invasive way to investigate.
The system that is in place is terribly broken. Samantha was upset and did not act like herself for about four days afterwards. She has just started getting back into her groove the last few days. I guess that is my update for now... Sorry it isn't more eloquent... But things have been too rough around here for me to think straight... Much less type that way!


siren said...

I guess the one bright spot, if you could call it that, is that children are extremely resilient. Based on what I've read in your previous posts, you'll be able to pull her through this with your extraordinary love and support. And make sure you take time to care for yourself too :)

Sol said...

::eyes narrow coldly::

hang in there, girl.
those assholes deserve all the bad luck the Fates can muster for em'!!

Melissa said...

siren - ::tear:: I wish I had as much faith in me as everyone else seems too. Thank you.

sol - I wish karma really worked like they say... I would be a millionaire and they would be hit by a bus. ::giddy giggle:: No, I really do not wish harm on anyone... I just want them to leave us alone.

starbender said...

I can NOT stand that institution-and I'm sooo sorry 2 hear that U have 2 deal with them! One day many yrs. ago I had my 3 children with me. They were 11,6&5. I got out of my van and was 6 ft. from it using a pay-phone. Dialed a # that no-one answered---got back in my van and drove off. Unknown 2 me at the time was that in the (what) 3 to 4 min. it took 2 use the phone, a social service worker walked by my van and saw the children alone--and walked 5 times as far as I did 2 use a pay phone to call the police on me. Of course when the police showed up-I was gone...., had been 4 quite some time., but it took me over one yr. 2 get social services off of my back!!!----UGH!!!
Hand in there sweetie, it is worth the fight!
I'll keep U in my prayers!

starbender said...


Melissa said...

Starbender - Thank you, it is good to know I am not the only one.

Sol said...

it appears that these social service people are deliberately nosing into other people's business.

hey, in certain situations it might be a good thing..otherwise it just stinks.

Melissa said...

sol - yup... it sucks that because of false reports good people get picked on while the kids who really need help get ignored.