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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Beautiful Kiddos...

My Beautiful Kiddos all in one place again!
Just as it should be (if life were perfect and Darrell was home).
Samantha's operation has been postponed (insurance complications) so PLEASE keep her in your prayers. We need to have her VNS replaced before the battery completely dies so that her seizures do not come blaring back at full throttle. Her brain is no longer used to that level of seizure activity and a sudden return to it could prove fatal very quickly. We hope that we can get everything worked out and rescheduled for next week (the same time Dad has to be there for his Cancer check up).
So please just pray that everything goes well and the timing works out!


ArmyWifeADA said...

What a beautiful family! :) You know I'll be praying for you all! oxxo

guttergirl said...

Crossing my fingers, toes, and saying all my prayers for you and your family.

Melissa said...

ArmyWifeADA- Thank you! We need all the prayer we can get!

guttergirl- Thank you! You are one rock-n Canadian! :)