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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Myspace suckage...

Here I sit in the middle of the night blogging again.
Why? Because I'm upset and angry and irritated.
A girl that my husband knew from his "wild and crazy" phase left a comment on his myspace page. No big deal right? Normally no. This one, YES.
She posted a romantic love poem on MY HUSBAND'S PAGE!
OK, Reality check: my husband is about to be out of the country for (unspecified humongous time span) so it isn't like I'm concerned that this would lead to a physical affair, my husband is way too smart and devoted to our family for that to be a concern. (However, an emotional one would be just as damaging and much more likely to sneak up on him, especially since we will soon be apart for XXX amount of time and he is pretty bad at picking up hints when people like him as "MORE than a friend".)
I think what pisses me off about it the most is that it feels so very disrespectful towards me and our marriage.
I want reassurance that I have no reason to worry about this.
The baby took forever to go to sleep tonight and by the time he did, Darrell had already been asleep for at least an hour.
Tip of the day: if you want your spouse to give you firm emotional support and assurances DO NOT wake them from a dead sleep in an attempt to gain it. It only makes you feel worse when the response to a sniffle filled question about your relationship is answered with a pat on the hand and a mumbled "you don't have anything to worry about babe", followed swiftly by a return to deep breathing that signals he is already sleeping again.


heather said...

Oh, Melissa! He does love you, and I don't think you have anything to worry about. You two have an awesome relationship, one that I admire, one that shows you how strong you are. Just keep loving him, he won't do anything dumb to lose a jewel like you!

Melissa said...

heather- his love for me (as mine for him) was never in question. It was her lack of respect for that love that irked me. But thanks for pointing out how awsome our relationship is, your right and I hope that yours is just as great too!