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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bath rug hopscotch...

Bath Spa Mat

Recently, our maintenance guy had to come pull up both our toilets and replace all the guts to them. I am no plumbing genius and I was unaware that pulling up the toilets that had been leaking and clogging like crazy would cause toilet water to go all over my freshly scrubbed and sanitized bathroom floors.

I have been so busy with the kids and FRG and trying to squeeze in quality time with my husband that I have not yet had the glorious opportunity to get back down on my hands and knees to re-scrub and re-sanitize everything yet.

I have a big enough problem thinking that feet are gross to begin with, so the idea of walking across a floor that has even a tiny amount of toilet water (and whatever was clogged in it at the time it was pulled up from the floor) is revolting to me.

Yet, I still have to shower and pee. This poses a dilemma and results in what I’m sure would be a hysterical show for anyone who might be unfortunate enough to witness it.

I have three strategically placed bath rugs and as long as I perch sideways on the toilet when I need to go I’m ok. Showering is a bit more complex. After I shower I take a small leap from the rug in front of the shower to the one in front of the sink and lean across the counter to get to the medicine cabinet. I take my meds and towel dry my hair then leap back to the shower rug to hang my towel on the rack. A small leap to the rug by the door, where I put on my robe and rejoin my guys for the evening.

I plan to re-bleach my floors as soon as I have the chance, but for now spending every second I can with my husband is more important to me than avoiding bath rug hopscotch.

If nothing else it will give me a productive way to take out frustration after he deploys.

Then again, I might scrub the linoleum off…


KATESGPA said...

you are so blessed to have a bathroom that has enough room in it for three throw rugs.
remember the one at my house??
if you turn to fast you fall in the tub or the toliet.


Melissa said...

Daddy- Yes, I remember. That is one of the reasons I never want to live in a place with just one restroom again too! Too many people for just one pot! Love you lots!


I know the foot thing is a big deal with you and the toilet thing I've been there when I lived in Clyde my duplex sewer lines backed up and the entire complexes sewage flowed into my bathroom (so Gross) Here Is my pitch for the day I know its a big cost but if you ever get the extra money at sears or target they carry the Shark Steam Mop it is about $80 ( I know what your thinking AHHHH) but it is worth the money I got mine cause we have puppies and kids. The thing is amazing You plug it in, it heats up in 15-20 sec. then you mop and it kills all the germs with the steam and when your done take the pad off and wash it in with your white clothes with bleach. IT has been a life saver around here. Luv Ya