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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Like THAT could stop Him!....

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I got to make a surprise last minute visit to see my husband at the base last weekend. I didn't tell him I was coming to see him, I just sort of showed up. He was way happy to see me and I was thrilled to be in the same zip code with him for 24 hours. I left Auron with Mom and Dad again so I could make the trip a bit easier and be a little more selfish with the precious little time we had together. (Thanks My-maw and Paw! You guys ROCK!) I was sitting in the parking lot waiting when he got released for the weekend and walked out onto the pad. I called his cell phone:

Me: Hey Babe! What are you doing?
Him: Oh, I'm just walking around. What are you doing?
Me: I'm just sitting in the parking lot watching you walk around.
Him: (looking up and grinning ear to ear) WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!??

We had a good visit (and GREAT nookie), and he got to bond with Xander a little more too. I have to take a pregnancy test in another two weeks now though. Condoms are great for preventing pregnancy... when they DON'T rip. I'm not too worried about it because I'm still nursing Xander and that tends to be a natural birth control method in itself, but the whole situation has made me even MORE aware of how strange Catholics are in certain beliefs.

Here are a group of people who think any form of unnatural birth control (even when used by married couples) is a sin. They believe God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in them in six days... but for some reason they think that if God wants you to conceive a child... a little latex is going to get in His way. Lets face it folks... When God wanted Jesus to be conceived... he didn't even let a perfectly intact hymen stop Him!

I'm not being disrespectful at all... just stating the facts as I see them... I just seem to be a bit more blunt than most might.

Oh well... If I do turn up expecting an unexpected baby again... I'm just going to look at it as God giving me a valid excuse for my insanity! :)


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