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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blessings to count...

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My Daddy's "terminal" Cancer has disappeared from his liver! (The doctor said there is still one tiny "nodule" but he is pretty sure that one is benign since it has never changed size and all the other ones did.) Lots of prayer, chemo, and even a bit of alternative treatments... and he is (mostly) back to being himself! The doctor is STILL baffled!
Xander is over two months old now and still healthy as a little horse! He seems to have come through all of the hurdles of an unexpected conception and difficult pregnancy with flying colors. He is also a very mellow baby (most days) and has been my most enjoyable newborn (go figure!) the other two were terrible at this age!
Auron is driving me nuts on a daily basis and has an extremely extensive vocabulary for a two year old. He is way too smart for MY own good. (And even though he drives me up the wall and I beg him daily to "be quiet for just five minuets... I promise you won't explode!" I am so blessed that he CAN drive me up the wall.) He is also dealing with missing his Daddy much better than I thought he would.
Samantha's seizures are finally mellowing out enough that she is back to her beautiful self. Grinning and giggling like a little mad woman, wearing her Paw out chasing her around the living room, giving her nurse a hard time, and chewing the crap out of her hands anytime our backs are turned. She has started her home bound schooling and we are all very optimistic that it will be a serious improvement on previous years.
Darrell is now a four hour drive from my front door and I have been to see him three times since the middle of August. I won't be able to see him again until the end of October or the beginning of November and only then if I can afford to make the trip again, but I still get to talk to him every night and that is a MAJOR improvement. He is doing great in his schooling and has the highest average of all the AIT students in his class. He will get to come home for two weeks for Christmas too!

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