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Friday, June 23, 2006

An update...

This is the first chance in the past several weeks that I have had time to sit in one place for long enough to think straight. I know I need to update everyone, but I have no idea where to start. I will just list things off as they come to mind. This list is not necessarily in the order that the events occurred but by brain is too fuzzy to give you any more than the basics.

My grandfather had been having pain in his arm, back and shoulder for a bit over a month. When he finally decided to go to the doctor's office to have it checked out we had several very tense days because the doctor thought there was a possibility of a "malignancy in the bone". The test results are all back now and I am happy to announce that he does not have any form of cancer. They have come to the conclusion that he has a fractured disc that is pinching a nerve.

I had an air conditioner tech come to look at our air conditioner and give it a thorough cleaning. He informed me that I needed to shoot the AC and put it out of its misery. Samantha has a severe heat intolerance and has massive seizures when she gets too hot. There is only one company in our town that works on this particular type of air conditioner. When I called them I was informed that I needed to replace both the AC AND the furnace at the same time. Why? Well it seems the brand of furnace that is installed directly between my kids bedrooms has this nasty tendency to suddenly burst into flames! So, I ask the guy how much it would cost us to replace the entire unit...

$4,300.00 US Dollars

We can not afford a loan payment even IF the bank decided to give us one. We have nothing in savings. We bought a window unit for the living room in an attempt to keep Samantha out of the hospital. It is still getting too hot for her in the house during the day. Samantha had to have her emergency medication last night because she was having such bad cluster seizures I was afraid I would end up calling an ambulance.

My fave cousin has been having massive "female issues" lately. I wouldn't be quite so worried about her if she hadn't already had cancer of the female persuasion once. She is going to have several different procedures in the coming weeks and I am so worried about her. Everything that her doctor is talking about doing seems relatively minor, but I wish I could be there to support her through it.

My Mom has been having issues with the pain from her knee replacement operation. She is frustrated with herself for not being more mobile and farther along in her recovery than she is. The doctor thinks that she is doing phenomenal. I understand a little better now where I get my tendency to be 100 times harder on myself than I am on anyone else. It seems to be a family trait.

As if that was not enough... I am worried about my wonderful husband. He got some bad news about his brother's health today. I don't really feel like I can give any details out because it isn't my story to tell, but I am worried about how Darrell is going to handle this in the long run. No matter how many times they have fought, he still loves his little brother with all his heart. I hope that everything works out for the best but right now I don't even know what that would be...

I am so stressed out about everything that it is aggravating my various medical issues...

On the up side... Darrell got a better job that he starts at the beginning of July and I am up for a raise at work. I'm not sure how much it will be, but at this point ANYTHING will help.

I guess that's all for now... See you next post!


oldfartswife said...

I am sorry that Sam is having the clusters. My son has been having more lately, we have had to use the diastat a few times, what a life saver that is. We went to ER last week for aspiration from a seizure. Of all the problems he has, I think the seizures are the worse.
I wonder if there is a program that will help with the air, with her having a medical condition. sorry to tell you but that is not a bad price for the air and furnace.
take care and hang in there

Melissa said...

oldfartswife - Diastat is my BEST FRIEND right now. I have to agree that seizures are the worst of Sam's problems too. It also happens to be the most likely to kill her. I have been unable to find a program to help with the air, but our local Lions Club is going to try to fix it for us. (Thank Goodness!)Thanks for stopping by and I hope your son's seizures stop soon!

Paradox said...

Hi there again. Glad to hear your Grampa's problem is a fractured disc instead of the alternatives. I don't know if he can go to a chiropractor with that but if he can I highly reccomend it. It did wonders for me.

Have u tried calling some radio and news stations and telling them about the kids and your situation? Here in Az I sometimes hear/see "public interest" stories where they set up accounts for people to send their donations to after airing the story. Who knows? They just might do your story.

Well I hope this helps and I hope u don't mind if I stop by again.

Melissa said...

paradox - Thanks for stopping by! Yes, my grandfather is on a first name basis with his chiropractor.
As for public interest in Samantha or our situation... Unless you have a football injury most of the people where we live could care less about you. There are some good people here... they are just way outnumbered by the not so nice ones. Samantha was adopted years ago by our local AM Lions Club and they are all absolutely WONDERFUL! They are trying to fix the air conditioner for us. Did I mention they are wonderful? We call them all her honorary Uncles because we love and appreciate them so much. They restore a bit of faith in humanity for us... Stop by any time! I love to have visitors! (Especially ones that leave nice comments!)

Paradox said...

Thanks! I too am familiar with our local Lions Club . My mother went completely blind and became partially paralized 10 years before she had me and she raised me as a single mom. So I have to agree with you on them being wonderful, without them we wouldn't have had any Xmas or a lot of other things for that matter.

I still think you should try. Who knows there might be some millionare out there trying to find something he can use as tax write off while still making him/herself look good.

Yes more people suck than don't suck.

Thank's now you've got a regular.

Melissa said...

paradox - Thanks for stopping by again! You are welcome anytime!