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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

55 years...

My grandparents will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary this Friday. They have always been such an inspiration to me. Even when they "fight" you can tell how much in love they still are so many years later. They are such a perfect match for each other. My grandfather can be a royal pain in the behind from time to time because he is one of the most hard headed, stubborn men on the planet. My grandmother has an almost super human ability to politely nag anyone into submission. (Although it was probably developed by all the years of dealing with such a hard headed husband.) They can be your worst enemy and your best friend. (Sometimes both at once.) I have watched and looked up to them my entire life. I know what a lasting relationship is supposed to look like because they have shown me by example.

It (for them) has been a huge mixture of: starched underwear; bleached ceilings; a psychotic poodle; two daughters; two grand-daughters; two grand-sons; two step grand-sons; eight great grand-daughters; two great grand-sons; one mountain house; countless camping trips; hundreds of friends; unending tennis games, band rehearsals, doctors appointments and hospital stays; street football; family gatherings; church; and thousands of hours of prayer; all wrapped up in a thick cocoon of love. Love and respect for each other.

If I have learned nothing else from my grandparents, they have taught me to roll with life's punches, be strong when the world is falling apart around you, give twice as much love as you get, and have faith that God is holding you when you fall.


Sol said...

mebbe...if u find the rite person things have a chance of working out

i have no idea...cuz that person may not exist fer me lol

Melissa said...

sol - anything can happen in life... most often when you least expect it. I did not meet Darrell until after I had given up all hope of finding "Mr. Right". Instead I found "Mr. Perfect for me"! ::big hug:: I know your soul mate is out there some place longing to meet you!

Sol said...

and what if i already met her?
do i pounce madly or simply let her live her life?