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Friday, August 01, 2008

What is WRONG with the world?!!!!!...

This story (click on the post title to go read the news story) makes me sick to my stomach. To think about what this beautiful girl went through before she died tears my heart out.

There is a petition at this site: http://www.caica.org/index.htm

I am asking for everyone who reads this blog go sign the above petition.
It will take two minutes of your time and could save the life of a helpless child.
Please, I am sitting here in tears. I lost my god-brother because of the damage caused when he was abused in a "care facility". It has to be one of my biggest fears for my Beautiful Angel Samantha, that one day she will get too big for her family to meet her physical needs anymore and she will have to go into a "care facility".
The physical and sexual abuse that goes on, especially when a child can not communicate to tell someone...
I'm going to stop there.
I can't bear to think about it anymore tonight.

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