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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Confession of the day...

I want to bail out of the horribly crashing and dysfunctional FRG I volunteered to "help" with, but I can't bring myself to quit after I contacted families to tell them I would be here if they need me.
I'm afraid that the end result of me NOT bailing on this FRG will be a serious distaste for all future interactions with what is SUPPOSED TO BE a support system for families of deployed soldiers.


ArmyWifeADA said...

Just wanted to send a hug your way...I wish so much that we could be a 'higher functioning' FRG!!!

Melissa said...

:) We WOULD be a higher functioning FRG... if you were in charge! Or even still in the top loop! Sigh! Oh well, at least when you are in charge of your own you will have a GREAT example of how NOT to lead. :)