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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Dance...?


I know someone is going to make fun of me for this, but I just can't resist sharing this with you guys.

I was walking through my local superstore the other day and came across:


I'm not sure why this was such an exciting thing to me.

I'm sure there is some deep psychological reason why I grabbed a roll, squealed with glee and did a happy dance that made my sons look at me like I had finally dropped completely off the edge.

I'm not even sure what I would USE teal duck tape on... But for some reason finding such a practical item as duck tape in my favorite color just MADE my day.

Since Samantha's birth, I have always looked for joy in the small moments of life, but this one even caught me by surprise.

Oh, well! Take it where you can get it, right?!


guttergirl said...

I would have done the same dance. Teal is my favorite color too! I think I am going to run down to the hardware store and see if they have it.

Melissa said...

Yay! I hope you find it! I had to put mine back on the shelf for fear I would give in to the temptation to duck tape my three year old to a wall! Teal is a GREAT color!