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Friday, August 11, 2006

A limerick to lighten the mood...

Ode to my breasts
Farewell my fallen friends

By: Melissa Moon
Once long ago they
were perky and proud.
No bra could contain them,
no corset could shroud.

Bouncy and firm
whether covered or bare.
My breasts were just perfect,
yet now I despair.

For those once lovely orbs
went from diamonds to coal
after GALLONS of breast milk
and stretch marks untold.

No longer buoyant,
just droopy and sad.
My breasts hang defeated,
no victory had.

Once gravity finds you,
never loose hope!
Just tie them together
and learn to jump rope!

Author retains copyright.


KATESGPA said...

There are some things a dad doesn't need to know.

Melissa said...

katesgpa - ::maniacal laughter:: consider it paybacks for all the years I had to sleep with my radio up full blast to muffle the sounds coming through the vents from your's and mom's room. :) Love you Daddy! ::big grin::

starbender said...

melissa, that was great!
Oh, how true! hahahaaaa....

Luv the comment 2 dad.


Melissa said...

starbender- thanks for the comment! I am glad it made you laugh too. :) As for my the comment back to my dad... well, I will just say... ::eyes squinted shut:: there are certain things a kid should NEVER get a visual of... Talk about needing therapy! EEEEWWWWWWW!!! ROFLMAO!!! (and now we know why am the way I am...)

Sol said...

love this poem / limerick thingie :]