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Friday, April 16, 2010


flat earth

Intelligent Design and Creationism - The idea that everything that exists is here on purpose. Thought out, created and placed by someone or something bigger than the human race.

The Big Bang Theory - The idea that everything that exists is the end result of some massive cosmic fart. It was all a happy accident that the Earth formed and the water and land separated and things started developing out of some primordial mud puddle that eventually led to the human race and every other living thing on the planet.

Why, when you believe in the second idea, are you considered a scientist or scholar, but believing in the first makes you too stupid to know better?

To me the massive cosmic fart theory is like being convinced that the Mona Lisa painted itself and Requiem sprang forth from an unattended instrument without any input from a composer.

If you believe in the big cosmic fart, that's fine. But please have enough common decency and respect when you are in a room with people you KNOW have different beliefs than you do, not to look for any opportunity to ridicule them and treat them as intellectually inferior.

Remember, people "knew" the Earth was flat and those who knew differently were thought to be idiots in their day. We now know those idiots as visionaries and those who "knew" the Earth was flat were just too caught up in their own superiority complex to bother with the bigger picture.