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Friday, July 20, 2007


So, you thought I fell off the face of the planet again, didn't you?

Guess what? You can't get rid of me that easy!

I'm still baking the Xander bun in the oven. I hit my 35 week mark and he has been marinating in steroids for three weeks now so he should be healthy when he decides to come now. I am SO READY!! I want him to get here BEFORE August 8th so I can avoid making the 7 1/2 hour road trip to my husband's basic training graduation HUGE pregnant. Much more comfortable to travel with a newborn than a massive wiggling belly.

Overall I guess things are going OK right now. I miss my husband more than words can say and he misses all of us like crazy too. Sam's seizures are starting to kick up again because of the summer heat, but Mom and Dad seem to have a pretty decent grip on the situation. They leave on this Sunday to take her to Houston for a check up with her neurologist. It will be their first road trip for her doctor's appointments without me. I think it will be a good learning and bonding experience for them. I am doing my best to step back and let them make decisions and arrangements for her as they see fit. No one will ever do things exactly the same way I would but that doesn't mean that a different approach is wrong... its just different. It is a huge change to suddenly be responsible for someone who's health is as fragile as Sam's is and my parents have been doing a phenomenal job. There is a definite learning curve involved but I am confident that Sam is in the best place for her right now.

Well, I guess that's all for this update... I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive! I will post pictures of Xander as soon as I get some rest after his birth. As always your prayers are way appreciated!

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